Tropical Leaves

APRIL 2022

Happy almost Spring! And don't mind me while I cry everyday from now until May 27th when my first born graduates high school and leaves in August for Texas Tech. Please send all the good vibes and prayers that she makes the cheer team. It will be her dream come true. And my mama heart will be so happy......... 

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Did you know......
Hair is the 2nd fastest growing tissue in the body after bone marrow?

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For the month of April, my FAVORITE product is the feature. Need a powder free dry shampoo? I've got you covered. Curls not holding? I've got you. Hair too soft and limp? Girl, I got you.

This product is clay based, therefore absorbing oils from your scalp when you use it on clean hair. Use as a preventative.

Using hairspray to hold curls? NO!!! Hairspray is to set. Curls don't hold because the hair is too soft. So dirty it up with some texture!!

This is great for every hair type and texture. 

Grab yours this month and try another product with it for 25% off! I will give you my personal recommendation.

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A direct quote I get on a weekly basis. While I like to keep to my regular schedule, I know that things come up in life and I want to be available for you. I will now be offering the first and third Thursday of every month. These days will be for the "oh shoot, I need in" people. These appointment slots will be available directly through me and come with premier pricing. Simply shoot me a panicked email and I will let you know what I have available. 


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Some of you have already received your Rewards Card and started earning points. This is an easy way to get dollars off your service! Look at the easy ways you can earn points just by social media posts and Yelp or Google reviews. This helps my business to thrive. I appreciate every single review and referral. 

Screenshot the card below and give it to a friend.